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NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a molecule necessary for the function of every cell in the body. The molecule is a cofactor for many enzymatic reactions within the body. It is crucial for mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are the organelles in our cells that produce ATP, which is the molecule that gives us energy. As we age our levels of NAD+ naturally decrease and energy levels typically drop. 

NAD+ is an oxidized form of NADH which is necessary to breakdown food from large molecules (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) to smaller molecules that our body can use. NADH is needed to repair DNA, and create ATP for our cells to function properly. Our bodies do not have an endless supply of NAD+ and the amount of the molecule decreases while we age. Also, chronic stress and the use of drugs and alcohol can decrease levels of NAD+.

Cells with highest concentration for NAD+ are cardiac/heart tissue, brain, and muscle tissue. These tissues are typically targeted with therapy. However, every cell in the body can benefit from increased levels of NAD+.

Benefits of NAD+

  • Helps repair damaged DNA

  • Increased Energy

  • Anti-aging 

  • Protective for brain health

  • Improves cellular ATP levels 

  • Prevention from chronic disease


Conditions Commonly Treated with NAD+

  • Anxiety / Depression 

  • Neurodegenerative Disorders: Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease 

  • Fatigue / CFS, Adrenal Fatigue

  • Alcohol or drug Addiction / Abuse 

  • Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Weight Loss/ Metabolic disorders

What to expect?

NAD+ Therapy is an IV procedure that can greatly vary on the length of time for each individual. Some people can tolerate 250-500mg doses in 1-3 hours whereas others may take up to 4-5 hours for the same dose. Possible side effects may include rapid heart beat, heart palpitation, mild chest pain, sweating, anxiety and/or nausea. However, we infuse our IVs with the utmost care to make sure that you do not experience these side effects.  Because the therapy can take a long time we recommend bring something to snack on while you are completing your infusion. 

Contraindications of NAD+

  • Known or untreated cancer

  • Unstable heart condition

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