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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

HBOT is the use of pressure and oxygen to help heal, repair damaged tissue, and optimize health. HBOT allows us to deliver much more oxygen to the body's cells than normal. This extra O2 infusion supercharges the healing process, boosts recovery, and reduces inflammation. It provides oxygen to areas in the body where there may be limited supply due to poor circulation or injury. Hyperbarics have been found to increase vascular health, improve energy levels, enhance immune function, and regenerate tissue by releasing stem cells.

Our Clinical DirectorDr. Beth Meneley, L.Ac., is an integrative medicine practitioner, primary health care provider and doctor of acupuncture. She can help guide you to reach your wellness goals.  Beth has been supporting her patients' health for over 20 years a licensed health care provider. She studies with all the top hyperbaric medicine doctors, including our hyperbaric medicine advisor whom has been practicing hyperbaric medicine for 25 years and can guide you and your doctor with up to date protocols in hyperbaric medicine.

Each protocol is customized for the unique needs of the patient.


All of our technicians are trained by the International Hyperbaric Association, the leader in hyperbaric oxygen therapy for health education and safety. Our chambers are the safest high pressure chambers that use 100% medical grade oxygen so you can be at ease as you relax into your session. Our technicians will monitor and assist you during your entire session, making sure all your needs are met.

Afterwards, you simply carry on with your day with your supercharged brain, tissues and cells.

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