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 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Sensorineural Sudden Hearing Loss

The benefits of HBOT have been suggested based on various theoretical backgrounds:


  • May relieve edema and ischemia by administering high-pressure oxygen into the inner ear to restore hearing.

  • The structures in the cochlea are vulnerable to a decrease in tissue oxygen supply.

  • The supply to the cochlea depends on oxygen diffusion through the capillaries rather than direct vascular oxygenation. Therefore, it is thought that the reduction of blood flow to the inner ear and resultant ischemia are the most important mechanisms for the occurrence of idiopathic SSNHL

  • Using HBOT, it is possible to maximize the oxygen partial pressure supplied to the inner ear.

  • This process can minimize ischemic damage after SSNHL and aid vascular recovery.

  •  Furthermore, it can provide antibacterial effects through oxygen radicals and promote angiogenesis with tissue regeneration.



For more information, please review the following article:

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